Feather Boas Wholesale

As a direct importer and manufacturer of feather boas the shop (FeatherBoaShop.com) is happy to offer special prices and incentives to repeat buyers and specialty reseller customers of feather boas.

We also offer private label and direct sourcing programs. Add yoru own personal label and logo onto the packaging and boxes of your boas. While lead times vary we are constantly replenishing our inventory of feather boas so stick with us for a fun and feathery  ride.

In order to qualify for any special or wholesale pricing of boas we will ask that you email us (send emails to info@featherboashop.com) with your business credentials and any other relevant information which may help us in reviewing your account type.

The Shop is proud to offer special discounts based on volume orders. Checkout our amazing feather boa volume rebates today.



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